Taeyang’s Hot Album – A Review

Taeyang has concluded the promotion of his Hot album last week.  Now the fans (including me of course) will have to say goodbye to his live performances.  I must say he did a good job in promoting his album well. Getting three (3 ) INKIGAYO awards is a feat for someone who just recently gone solo.

The Hot Album shined just like the 태양

The Hot Album shined just like 태양

The sun has finally found his place under the sun.  In case you are not aware 태양 (Taeyang) means sun in Korea.  Taeyang becoming a certified idol has no reason to feel little and shy.   Now talking about his mini-album… with all my biases over R&B, I love this album.   Taeyang’s voice suits R&B and he raps well too.  Each of his song has a distinct R&B ingredient to it.

When I heard of his this solo album… i was a little afraid he’s jumping to something that he is not ready with.  I like his voice, in fact had I not heard that Fool’s Only Tears opening in YG’s performance at the SBS  Awards, I will not know 빅뱅 (Big Bang).  I was surprised how prepared he was.  YG did a good job in giving Taeyang the right image for the theme of his album.  His real personality contradicts the album theme.  He gave hotness a different meaning.  Being the most shy in Big Bang, it was a revelation how he could carry out that hot image.

The album talks about relationship cycle not just the happy ‘in-love’ days but of pain and cheating as well.  The album overall is suggestive of the different angles of a relationship.

The two songs with MVs launched instantly became a favorite.  When I saw him perform live… the more I was impressed with Taeyang.  His vocals was a bit shaky during initial performances but later on he became polished and more confident.  나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa) remains to be one of my favorites.  This is the song that attracts listener with its beat and choreography but at the same time ridiculed with its lyrics.  Funny how some fans hate a song simply because the lyrics doesn’t seem to appear positive.  I just think the lyrics of the song speaks of the double standards that the society has in relation to man-woman relationship.  Guys cheat ok but girls who cheats get crucified by moralist.  The song simply expresses how a guy wishes her girl to be pure  despite his ocassional flirting and cheating.

I also enjoy listening to 기도 (Prayer) but the MV amazes me more.   Kido heavily used computer synthesis to create an effect that distorts voice to sound like a rounded echo.  I don’t see anything wrong with that as long as it is well crafted.  Some song doesn’t even have substantial amount of lyrics. 

However, Baby I’m Sorry is the song that I like most in the album.  I love the rhythm and arrangement of this song.  The song has a little resemblance with the groove of Fool’s Only Tears not just because portion of the rap part has been lifted from it but the overall rhythm of the song.  His voice is likewise smooth, light but crisp in a way… feels like he is truly sorry with his rendition.

Lately I have been listening to ‘Make Love’ as well, a song in collaboration with Kush.   I am yet to see how Taeyang will put life to this song in a actual performance but definitely the catchy beat of the song is something that my ears will root for.  Maybe least of my favorite in the Album is Sinner but despite its low appeal to me, the song though reminds me of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me a River’.

Overall, Taeyangs album has been very explorative on beats, instruments and computer aided synthesis.   I still think its a work of art, it may be very commercial with the promotional performances of Taeyang.  It cannot be denied that his preparedness physically and emotionally gave justice to every performance he made.  Since music is meant to bring out varying emotions of the listener, I’d like to think the album has been successful this way.  The six songs in the album are all worth listening and brings out a smooth kind of feeling that will make you go with the flow of the music.  I’ll surely buy the real thing when I visit Korea next year (now I sound so sure of this travel plan).



  1. judy chang Said:


  2. yb Said:

    i bought not one but two of his solo album(birthday gift for my sister)..yes,all songs live up to my expectation.i can’t choose which one i like best coz i love all.

  3. mee vang Said:

    hey taeyang is my main guy in big bang !!!! SO HOT!!!

  4. suju gurLs Said:

    i luv taeyang..muahhhhhh
    ur song is da best….

  5. jenny Said:

    you are so cute i am in love with you

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