So the HOT Album is Too HOT!

Just when I thought Taeyang (태양) is getting sexier each time he performs… the recently concluded Taeyang 1st Solo Concert proved that the album is deserving of being entitled HOT and that he is not going anywhere but to earn the HIS HOTNESS title.  I have always thought of Youngbae as the innocent boy from the band being loved by the most  of the 누나 (noonas – older sister to a guy) out there.

He is no longer just showing his abs…he completely undressed himself during the concert. I was wondering how the conservative Koreans will be reacting on it but the lady in me could not do anything but appreciate his hotness.   Six-packs well noticed…

Taeyang earns HIS HOTNESS title!

Taeyang earns HIS HOTNESS title!

The dance choreography is too hot as well.  With Wondergirls resting from promoting their HOT album now only Taeyang is left with his HOT album.  Clearly Taeyang has overpowered the 5 less hot Wondergirls.  Ma Girl has been performed fairly sexy for the past Big Bang concerts but i think it reached its pinnacle of sexiness at Taeyang’s concert ~ whew.  The girl-fans’ mind will be easily corrupted with such choreography. (credits to YBDong of You Tube for the video)

I am speechless in the fancam shots of his concert.  I was never expecting such performances from Taeyang.  No wonder the album was entitled that way.  I remember during the Big Bang documentary when he has been a little down and quite struggling over GD’s popularity among girls…well now i think he is the hottest member of the group.  He dances so well — hands up to him on that.  Now I wonder <but in a way hoping> if he is still ‘scared’ of girls nowadays.

Taeyang please don’t go any sexier than this in the future.. your fans will not grow old, they will have heart attack seeing you this way.


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  1. yb Said:

    he’s shy in person but when on stage, wow.makes you think he has double personality,the shy one and the wild man lol.i’ll take both.

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