Taeyang Grabs SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award

Taeyang did it again winning the SBS Inkigayo Mutizen Award last July 08, 2008 for the song 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa).  He performed the song with a little change in the choreography.  I am so happy for Taeyang who is really making it big as solo artist.

He also had recent performances at MNET’s Madam B Salon show where he performed 3 of songs which I happen to love most in his Hot Album.  It was an unusual crowd, most of the studio viewers are ladies in her mid 20s to 30s.  It was somehow an intimate crowd, it was not the usual screaming teen fans. 

Taeyang did an unplugged version of Baby I’m Sorry (which I am loving so much these past days).  I really wish Wheesung also performs an unplugged concert (this is out of line missing Wheesung live performances).  Viewers were just demurely clapping to show appreciatation of Taeyang’s performance.  I am recently addicted to this song and this is the first time I saw a live performance (aside from the Radio tour version) of Baby I’m Sorry, moreso an unplugged version.  Singing unplugged lets the voice of the singer float and be more of a focus in the performance.  Taeyang did a great job on this.

It was refreshing to hear 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa), the choreography was a little less intense when he debuted but the voice was very stable.  This goes similar to 기도 (Kido-Prayer).  Lady viewers were caught amazed of his moves… Taeyang is now really certified 누나 (noona – older sister of a boy) favorite.  In fact, I who is also a noona to him likes loves Taeyang.

다시 태양 축하해요!


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