Over the past days, my fondness over Taeyang (태양) has grown.  Although i cannot compeletely disassociate him with Big Bang, him becoming one of my favorite members of the band can no longer be denied (as if there was some denying).

Taeyang’s songs has been part of my playlist start up.  Recently, I just realized how much I like ‘Baby I’m Sorry’.  The song speaks of remorse over a love gone bad.  A pitiful situation that only allows you to be happy by just looking at your former lover from afar and wish that she is happy in her current situation.   A feeling of regrets for not taking care of her and ‘deep in my heart’ wish for the lost love to comeback. 

The song reminds me of the nice melody and rhythm of Big Bang’s Fool’s Only Tears.  Taeyang’s voice is very R&B so this type of song is very compatible to his vocal skills.   He raps decently in fact, Baby I’m Sorry borrowed some lines in Fool’s Only Tears (rap portion).  Taeyang, I’m sorry i couldn’t help but listen to your song over and over =P


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