Boxing and Learning Korean on a Sunday

This is one happy Sunday for most of the Filipinos out there.  Now the best pound for pound boxer Manny Pacquiao winning in the WBC lightweight division is another achievement not just for the Philippines but for the entire Asia.  The first to have 4 titles in different weight division. Congratulations Manny  you made every Filipino proud of you — proud of their roots.

This day I also took chance of joining another language exchange site in my pursuit to be good in Korean.  I came across this website called there are lots of members who are on-line wanting to have someone to exchange language learning with.  The site features webtalk, it also allows messaging but on a limited basis.  It encourages its members to voice chat which I guess is too intimidating for someone who is beginning to learn a new language.

Who knows I  might be getting someone to practice Korean with.  Now I miss my old language exchange partner 진명. I got to know him through  I don’t know what happened to this guy but he suddenly went off, I visited his cyworld hompi and it seems he is a little depressed nowadays.  I missed exchanging mails with him in Korean and English. I wonder how is he now.


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