Taeyang over Wonder Girls

Judging from the posts that I made for Taeyang, it’s obvious that I am addicted to him. Hmmm to put it closer to reality I am addicted to his voice and singing (on denial hahaha… of full addiction).  His voice is really not much of a stellar one but he is ONE HELL OF A GOOD PERFORMER.  As i have been writing, he has made a lot of preparation for his solo debut. 

He has drastically moved into a new image, more mature than the boy bandish looks he had before.  The body speaks for it self.  The moves and choreography in his music videos and live performances were fantastic.  These two factors already compensate if there may be some deficiency in the actual singing but overall he is still better than most of the k-pop idols these days.

Finally, a recognition of hard labor from Taeyang… 1 vs 5-girl group who made the hit sensation ‘Tell Me’.  Youngbae (Taeyang’s real name) won in the MNET Countdown, ousting ‘Hot’ of Wondergirls from the top spot.  Come to think of it its Taeyang’s HOT mini-album vs Wondergirls’ Hot single.  K-pop must be into this ‘hot’ fad nowadays.  Watch the encore performance here.

Taeyang accepts MNET winning over Wondergirls

Regardless if the lyrics of 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look at Me Only) is judged to be weird… I just find my head grooving to the nice beat of this R&B song.  I enjoy listening to this song, I always play it while I drive in the morning…it sets a good mood and starts my day right.  Flashes of the MTV comes into my head while listening to it.  Pretty impressive dance steps.  I must say Youngbae is getting more interesting as days pass by. 태양씨 축하해요!


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