Australia Unexpected

Just when I thought my next and last out of the country travel this year will be in Hong Kong, another surprise knocked on my window.  I received two howls this month.  It wasn’t really a bad howl but it somehow brought some sadness to me… maybe because this area of the business has been close to my heart despite a lot of other assignments.

The second howl is somehow related to what is planned to happen in the future.   Regardless if this is less of what I wanted to do, I am still thankful of the opportunity to learn and to be able to travel which I admit I am enjoying.  Few weeks ago i was looking at a series of mid sized bill boards in EDSA on winning for a trip to Australia, although I had no intention of looking at the details, it was quite amusing to see such ad.  Now I don’t even have to read that ad.

I was seriously reading CBAP related stuff and I still would want to push through with it but luck says I had to focus on another area that the business will most likely benefit at the moment.  They say strike while the iron is hot.  Like when most people suddenly think of the quality of the processes that they are doing, it’s probably good timing to push for some industry standard practice.


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