TGIF the 13th

If there is any scariest date of the year nothing beats the 13th of the month that falls on a Friday.  This year, June is again the host to this special day.  I heard a lot of creepy stories that happened Friday the 13th, but come to think of it this day is not that bad at all.

Today few of my closest collegues (the k-chenes) in the office decided to have a launch out in our favorite restaurant, TGIF or better known as Friday’s.  We simply love the food serving in this restaurant.  We never missed a single visit without ordering caesar salad but today it’s even extra special with grilled chicken topping our signature caesar salad order.  But this one is not the original order…it’s courtesy of some memory test from the server who did not bother getting our orders written in paper.  I guess the RAM of his brain is a little short, probably running on just 64mb.  The end result a whopping grilled chicken on what is supposedly plain ceasar salad. Oh this must be because its Friday the 13th…sloppy creepy(?)

We had extra fun this day, laughing so hard with our countless punchlines and walk back the memory lane.  We are missing 2 of our members, the other one who had to leave the country for ‘greener pasteur’ and the other one eyeing for some martyrdom award by staying at the office — our good old buddy with a playful smile, we fondly call senor.  Since senor was absent we had no choice but to talk about him along with the BIG R.  We had a good laugh at the cheese stealing incident and how the rat has been laughing even in a moment that should have scared it away (oh my do i really have to use the word it… and you think that is human).

So we spent our Friday the 13th at Friday’s…nothing creepy happened except that walk-a-TON from Glorietta to Valero.  Thanks to the taxi queues that never fail to make every Friday creepy.


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  1. Senor Said:

    As they say: Keep Smiling 🙂 It makes people wonder what you’re up to. 😉

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