YAP – Top Answerer

In case you are still wondering what YAP is, it is an acronym coined for Yahoo Answers Philippines.  This became a hobby for me… lately I could not afford not to be on-line in a day.  Must be a strong influence with my company’s strong advocacy on internet for all. 

Much as I would want to have my questions answered, I find it fulfilling to provide answers to other YAPers.  I don’t aim that my answer be chosen as the best one but simply be able to help others with factual answers based on my experience or knowledge and in some occasion my opinion on certain issues.  I know I have a long way to go to earn some badge from YAP but just recently while answering some questions from the Travel Category in Korea,  something caught my attention and that is having 19 best answers under this category that made me the….

Whew~ I am not even Korean hahaha just passionate about it.  But definitely my answeres are not related to translations of Korean to English or vice versa.  Most of my best answers are based on my experience in travelling to Seoul last April and some questions on VISA and travel.  Oh well, I am not eagerly looking forward for a badge but certainly getting one is worth a little celebration just as how my heart is celebrating for being the top answerer in Korea.  너는 너무 행복해!


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