Taeyang Performs HOT Live

I was silently waiting for someone to post live performance of 태양 (Taeyang) in relation to the ongoing promotions of his HOT album.  I really would like to see how people will respond to him as a solo artist. Two days ago, I finally saw two live performance from Taeyang one from MBC and the other one from SBS.  Thanks to You Tube. 

Taeyang in his earlier days

From the fans reaction in both performances, Taeyang I guess has been accepted as a solo performer.  He had 2 live performances one via MBC Music Core and another one via SBS Inkigayo.  He sang 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa) and 고도 (Prayer) in MBC while he just sang Naman Parabwa in SBS Inkigayo.

taeyang photo shoot -HOT album

Taeyang wore his signature outfit (at least for this album launch) displaying his toned body in white sando.  The lightning effects at the start of the performance at MBC performance made a good intro of Prayer.  I couldn’t help compare Youngbae’s (his true name) before and after, he is indeed projecting a more mature image and he shed all those baby fats on his face.  It’s hard to sing and dance but I guess his singing is acceptable given that complicated dance steps.  He was a little conscious with the headset type mic as he sang and danced. You could hear the influx of his breath as he grasps for it, he probably needs some practice on this but I would still say his live singing is acceptable.  

At the SBS Inkigayo his performance focused on Naman Parawba.  Still sporting the cool mohawk and that angry look 🙂 he had full lenght performance of Look at Me Only (english transalation of 나만 바라봐).  Heavy breathing is still noticeable although the timing between his live singing and the background vocals were great.  There are even times when you will guess if its the back up vocals or his actual voice –breathing gives you the hint.  This goes the same with his MBC performance, I’d say he just sang 70% live because the back-up vocals are doing the trick.  I don’t see any problems with this because its the overall performance which should be given merit.

I don’t want to be biased (I guess that’s how I am going to be liking Big Bang and Taeyang) but the overall performances have been carried on by great choreography and sleek moves from Taeyang.  At this point, the ‘angry look’ is doing its job in creating the much needed impact, I just hope to see other sides of Taeyang when he performs the remaining songs from his album like ‘Baby I’m Sorry’. 



  1. tangmo Said:

    love taeyang very much
    love taeyang forever

  2. tangmo Said:

    i lovu taeyang forever

  3. samanthaaa Said:

    i Love Taeyang forever<33333333333333333

  4. sarah Said:

    .,.i Love taeyang.,.hmmmmmmmm

  5. zav Said:

    ewww…………………i hate taeyang his ugly eww eww eww……..*shivers*
    when ever i look at his face it makes me wanna puke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • janey_bei Said:

      @ zav tell that to the marines. ..

      • arven_ Said:

        to zav;
        maybe ur a type of person who dont appreciate good things.

    • zia Said:

      Taeyang is not too bad. He looks nice like his groupmates.

    • emily Said:

      y u hate taeyeng? his so HOT

    • kara Said:

      ok u fag don”t talk about tae if got something to say say it to his face b-h who r u to juge a guy???????

  6. kaylin Said:

    taeyang is so fine

  7. sarah Said:

    .,.i love taeyang so much.,

  8. Jay Said:

    Taeyang i love you so much !!!<3

  9. elizabeth Said:

    i love tae-yang soo much
    i love youuuuuuu tae yang **********

  10. elizabeth Said:

    i love you tae-yang soo much

  11. Sayuri Said:

    Taeyang has come very far since the first day view of big bang. Now he is performing his own concerts. He has a wonderful vocal talent and i do agree that he has more of a R&B vocal skill. He is my insperation for he never gave up on acheiving his dream.
    I hope to see him perform more concerts.

  12. zia Said:

    i love G-Dragon more than Taeyang. 😀

    • janey_bei Said:

      i think every big bag fan has their own favorite in the group… and it’s really hard to choose because they are all good and adorable. GD is also really good. But then again i had to pick taeyang as my favorite because his style is what i like, i love R&B =)

      What i can’t take is when people say taeyang is ugly that’s really stupid. Like some hater who posted a very dull comment up there saying she’d puke when she sees taeyang.

  13. kakka Said:

    Taeyang! I love u when u wear hat…..

  14. emilyjoong Said:

    taeyang i LOVE you so much!!!

  15. sara Said:


  16. dominique Said:

    i dont know much about him just firuged out about bigbang but i cant wait to find more

  17. umi Said:

    i love taeyang veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much

  18. meme Said:

    ilooooove you tae yang §§

  19. vitoria Said:

    i dont know much about him just firuged out about bigbang but i cant wait to find more.

  20. Kelsang Said:

    wow i m so crazy about your dance . i LOve your every song n videos. THE EMOTION with which you dance is y I alwaz wait for ur next song.LOVED EVERYTHNG SO MUCH

  21. sanyoung Said:

    hi how are u ????????

  22. Marilou Said:

    If it’s on BIG BANG,I like Tae Yang and Dae Seung the most^^Same for Solos I like Tae Yang but I like Seungri’s musical style.Sorry for Daeseung solo fans but don’t really like jazz style except for a good night sleeping^^

    • Marilou Said:

      By the way i’m not that harsh,i’m just a Musician who likes many musical styles so don’t say that i’a b***h for what i’m saying

      If it’s for the physics…hmmmhard to say it but Tae Yang and Seung Ri are equals^^ i’ve 18 years old so i’m not that old but I know that I don’t have any chances with Tae Yang since I know that he likes older than him T_T
      Still have a chance with Seung Ri (If we met someday)^^

  23. annecia Said:

    i love u tae yang……. i m so crazy about you dance i love all u movie song… you are the best

  24. ayane Said:

    gosh, taeyang, sure so cute ! whenever i see ur face, my stress go away ! ur cute face is my drug (.^_^.)

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