Taeyang’s HOT Album (태양)

Taeyang of BigBang has finally released his album today called HOT.  Well, i have been reading lately about him going solo and this is finally it!  Taeyang must have prepared so much on this album physically, vocally and emotionally. 

Taeyang 1st Mini Album Cover

The mini album contains 6 tracks as follows:

  1. HOT – Intro
  2. 가도 (Kido – Prayer) Feat. Teddy
  3. 나만 바라봐 (Naman Parabwa – Look at Me Only)
  4. 죄인 (Choein – Sinner)
  5. Baby I’m Sorry
  6. Make Love Feat. Kush

Music videos for track 2 and 3 are already released and can be seen over at You Tube and at the YG Official Site for Taeyang’s Hot Album.  Both his MVs and himself are earning lots of criticism but regardless of what they say I am loving this album and Taeyang 🙂 he’s been known to have more of 누나 (noona) fans out there and this will surely skyrocket further.  Why? check out 기도, Taeyang is sporting a well buff body and great dancing. And this is what I mean by being physically prepared.  A lot has been criticizing how midget he is but I guess having such great body compensates being just 5’6″ (this is relatively short for the usual Korean guy).  The song has been computer synthesized so you’ll notice the same effects as that of songs from Usher, Justin Timberlake and Omarion (to whom he is heavily compared and accused of being copy cat).  I find the song cool something that you can play while driving.  Overall the MV is great the effects and design were execeuted well — one of the best Korean MVs i have watched.

나만 바라봐 is likewise very R&B reminds me of Se7en when I saw Taeyang from his MV.  I also enjoyed listening to this song and he sounds fine to me.  BigBang showed their support to Taeyang by appearing in the MV.  The guys surely knows how to rock and Top was definitely hot in his short appearance, having those expressive eyes.  I love the song as much as I love the MV… its quite cute especially the ending.  I bet this will be the carrier single of the album.  I have been addicted to BigBang lately and somewhat used to the collaborations they have in their music however listening to the two songs… I have enjoyed it when its just Taeyang all the way (except of course with Teddy’s rap on 기도).

I think Taeyang will be MADE in this album.  Some Korean entertainment sites have been madly criticizing him but more than anything else, this album proves that Taeyang is worth listening to.  I don’t know how some people rate songs but I find the beat soothing or makes you groove a little.  I am yet to check the lyrics but by simply listening to the rhythm and of course looking at Taeyang dance, I am really loving his songs. This also made me realize that Taeyang is more than just a voice he dances so well and can be very attractive too.  I have noticed his facial expressions (emotional readiness I guess) and see the sharp (but very attractive) side of Taeyang.  Mohawk looks nice on him, doesn’t appear to be hardcore or too trying. 

I really admire artists who sing and dance so well–Taeyang is definitely one of them.  태양 축하해요! congratulations Taeyang



  1. jennie Said:

    i just wrote a blog about his new album
    ahh hes way too HOT! omg!!!!

    hahaha not only he looked hot in his music video
    but i also loved how all the members of Big Bang came out!!!

    if you did not see the music video yet,
    come and check my blog! and also you spelled his name wrong…
    its 태양 not 태영..hahaha anyway! 🙂
    this is good blog!

  2. janeybei Said:

    i was editing the psot when you comment 🙂 hahaha i always interchange ㅑ with ㅕ although i know in my head its ‘ya’ i was writing. Thanks for dropping by. I watched both video and i am impressed with taeyang.

  3. Mimi Said:

    omg, Im IN LOVE with taeyang. He was always my favorite member ever since when they first debuted for like 4 months. I became a big fan since i heard taeyang in ‘my girl’ and i been ‘stalking’ them ever since xD heheheh i LOVEE his song and i want to buy the CD but havent researched it yet so let’s see if i can =) im kinda disapointed to know that he’s only 5’6…kind of ruined my little fantasy xD hahahah but its ok, he is so hot!!! love his body, voice, and songs!!!

  4. janeybei Said:

    5’6″ with that great bod…i am all for it =) hahaha I also like taeyang although i like each and every big bang member they are kinda special in their own way but taeyang happens to be the voice that made me want to listen to big bang, with Fools Only Tears. I saw them first perform in the SBS YG Family performance. It was taeyang who opened YG performance and I was kinda like wow! nice voice.

  5. aaron tan Said:

    taeyang sucks

    • janey_bei Said:

      you too… thanks for dropping some non-sense comment. geez!

  6. arven_ Said:

    LOL! it’s my first time to see negative comment about taeyang.
    oh well, ur opinion does’nt matter co’z everybody knows how good he is.,, LMAO!

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  8. Shahir Said:

    Taeyang handsome…….

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