Back to Hong Kong

This is perhaps the year that I have travelled so much overseas.  I reunited with SG roads last March and set my feet first time in the country I fell in love with… Korea.  Well, I will be back to the first country that I have been to.  This coming November I will be back in Hong Kong along with 여보 (yobo) the first time.  I am too excited as usual as I am loving all this travel moreso it going to be our first out of the country together.  Has HK changed that much?

November is pretty cold in Hong Kong.  Well it’s not like its snowing but the cool winds are from China which at that time could be experiencing snow already.  It’s going to be a very short trip, 3 days 2 nights but we will make the most out of it.  Luck was on my finger tips as I was browsing the internet checking for possible mileage claim from my Mabuhay Miles.   Blessing in disguise, my miles is not enough to get two tickets to Hong Kong so I visited Cebu Pacific, Zero seat fare is ongoing for almost 500,000 seats.  I was about to check how much a round trip ticket is MNL-HKG-MNL since they sell the cheapest airline tickets going to nearby asian countries and I got the best deal.  I was able to book for an ideal flight at zero fare.  Just imagine rountrip tickets to Hong Kong for 2 for only Php 8,000.   BEST DEAL!

Now its time to hunt for a budget friendly but cozy hotel.   Hong Kong see you in November!

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