Being SMART for a Decade

Today marks my 10th year anniversary with one of the most blessed companies in this country.   I recall stepping in this new organization with both eyes closed.  I used to work in a transport company with a very nice work environment, this is organizationally speaking.  I really hate to leave all my friends and the kind of breeding ground that I have then, moreso joining a company that is number one in the old cellular technology BUT doesn’t even have a caller ID (year 1998 I am already a text addict with my Philips Fizz).

Honestly, i left my first company simply because i need to be practical.  I had to find a job that will not let me struggle going to the office everyday (It was painstsaking to be part of the jam-packed California Bus Lines going to Pasay/Paranaque 6 days a week).  Most importantly, I left my first job as almost everyone is saying ‘for greener pasteur’.  Years go by, I realized how important that decision was because it brought so many challenges and blessings to me.  I also came to realize that there is not just one company who can be nurturing to their employees…in fact I think I have really joined the best.

So what 10 unforgettable events happened from 1998-2008?

  • I was debt-ridden in 1998 until early 1999.  The year 1998 is probably the lowest point my family life everything is a mess and it all rooted from being penniless.  I was blacklisted from CMAP ~ poor me.
  • In 2000 I rose from the debt… the lump sum bonuses saved me from the burning fire of debt.
  • I got married in 2001 and suddenly left the hustle and bustle of a city life.   The adjustment of becoming someone who travels at least 2 hours a day one way to the office is really SOMETHING.
  • The birth of a baby girl named Marticia in 2002.
  • Joined Information Technology Division in 2003 and breaking old ties from a group that I was with for the last 5 years.  Am I sad?  Not at all ~ in fact I felt I broke free from something….
  • 2004 were full of mixed emotions.  Our very first dog named Jihidi died, he was a lovely chow chow. I had the chance to work in Hong Kong for an international project BUT I had to go travelling when I was 5-8 months pregnant.  It was a rewarding experience to be out of the country first time however it’s no fun if you are 180lbs heavy walking along the busy streets and subways in Hong Kong.  This year, I felt SO GUILTY giving birth to a cute and bouncing Mikovmari — a baby who became 1 of the 10 newborns with cleft palate. 
  • 2005 was a restless year for me.  My boy had to endure 2 operations and we are had several instance of run-away nanny.
  • Stepped into a country called Singapore and to a new home in a quiet subdivision in 2006
  • Promotion, a recognition of my 8 years of hard work.  My first brand new car named Silvester by Marticia.
  • Stepped into a country I fell in love with called South Korea.

These are the major events that made a thick face, black heart me.  I thank God for giving challenges that mad me stronger and better each day. Things that opened my mind to distinguish what small things can be ignored and what should be taken cared of.  For the past 10 years I lived a SMARTer life, not easily down but could easily be happy. 


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