Yahoo Answers

I sometimes think that I am slowly turning into an internet addict.  Whenever I have free time or if I wanted to kill time… this is the first thing that comes into my mind.  Recently i have been actively blogging  and updating a handful of online accounts. 

Another site that keeps me coming back is the Yahoo Answers.  I learned about this few months ago.  I always see their ad in the yahoo main page which happens to be my home page.  At that time  Patricia Evangelista is the celebrity asker in yahoo answers Philippines.  The question was not new but timely because of recent incidents on hazing. 

I shared my thoughts on it and from the hundreds of people who aswered that question, it was my answer that has been chosen as the best aswer. Was it luck? Well id’ like to think no because Patricia herfself gave a feedback on my answer.  Getting that best answer for the first question I have ever answered in Yahoo Answers! started it all.  It was inspiring to be noticed this way.  Then I started getting ‘Your answer has been chosen as best answer’ email for some other questions I have answered.  Some are thanking for sharing the info while others thought it was a big help.

So what keeps me going on this site?  Aside from being recognized with the thoughts I shared, it feels good when people thinks you have helped them a lot when in fact you just shared to them a piece of what you know.  Yahoo Answers! also has points system and leveling.  You get 2 points for visiting the site, 2 points for answering a question and 10 points if your answer is chosen as the best.  The more points you gain the more people help and if you are competitive enough you would want to be recognized as a top contributor or board leader.

The site also allows you to ask question but this will cost you 5 points.  If you choose a best answer you earn back the deducted points when you asked the question.  Since Yahoo has a wide reach from different peoples around the globe, you can ask questions specific to users from other countries and get first hand answers.

Do you have any question to ask?  You think you know the answer?   See Yahoo Answers!


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