They Kiss Again (TKA) Ended

They Kiss Again aired its last episode.  The complete episodes can be watched over at mySoju.  My estimates were just right, It will end by April so I will be constantly checking for the DVD release of this Drama which has been my all time favorite.

I couldn’t wait to watch it in marathon.  I will surely make a review after.  Oh my hope the DVD gets out soon.


  1. roxy Said:

    i think der will be a part 3 on diz drama becoz derz a lot of question that the drama leaving hanging behind ayt? the pregnanacy issu and so for..

  2. janeybei Said:

    I also think so. The story could go around Xiangqin’s pregnancy and their new little family. The story was purposedly left hanging. TKA is equally exciting as ISWAK so if ever there will be part 3 that will be a great challenge for the production and story crew. I also noted that story of the Yushu is building up.

  3. kimchee Said:

    ..uhm..i hope also that there will be a season three..but i think it would be kind of impossible..because the writer of “They Kiss Again” suddenly died..i don’t know when he/she die..all i know is he/she die without finishing the episodes of They Kiss Again..the director n staff(i think so) of TKA is the one who finish it..they just make there own story so that the story would end in a nice way..thats all i know..take care!!

    iswak2 is so funny and so “kilig” them so so so so much…

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