Big Bang (빅뱅) Great Live Concert

At this moment, aside from Wheesung (휘성) Big Bang is the next Korean artist that I listen to frequently.  Well they seem to be a boy band and fits the teen crowd but I love their music.  Their ‘Fool’s Only Tears’ captured what I like in an R&B song.

I was in Seoul last week, I checked out for Big Bang’s albums and bought this GREAT Live Concert CD which cost less than any of the albums of Wheesung.  Got it for only 9000윈 (won) or less than 10 US$.  I just listened to the album and looks like I am going to be hooked on it. 

All my expectations fell into places.  I never thought they could really be this good in concert.  Comparing them to a lot of boy bands from the US and Korea that I have watched perform live, i think they are far better.  I have noticed most boy bands sounds awful when they sing their song live specially at the point when harmony of voices are needed.  Now I really don’t want to categorize Big Bang as another Boy Band. They collaborate well with each other and no one is a stand out maybe because their voices have individual characters.

I feel fortunate when I buy CDs that I can listen to from track 1 to the last and this CD is one of those CDs.   While everyone is falling in love with their hit song 거짓말 (Gojimal – also known as Lies) which I happen to like too, 눈물뿐인 바보 (Nunmulppunin Pabo – Fool’s Only Tears) is still a personal favorite.  There was a little difference on the musical arrangement and it was a lot sexier than the original recorded version.   It sounded more and more R&B and has that jazzy feel as well with the sax on background.  They sound even better singing it live hands off to Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung. I really love this song. 

I also realized that this album featured solo (highlighted) performances of each members.  I got to appreaciate each of their voices listening to their respective piece.  I initially liked Taeyang but came to realized how good they are when they sing together.  Seungri truly shined on his performance of 다음 날(Daum Nal – The Day After). I specifically like the music arrangement of that song very R&B.   Curling his voice sounds so sexy for Seungri. I think he also has a future as an individual singer similar to Taeyang who performed well with ‘Ma Girl’. 

Another big surprise are the individual performances from GD and Top.  They are always rapping and in most cases a support to the songs during their performance but hearing GD sing ‘But I Love U’ rapping and singing as well –I’m impressed.  There is something about the song that sounds like tango which gave the song more attitude with GD passionately singing.  I thought he just raps but there were portion of the songs where he actually sings, i guess it was in the chorus portion and GD can sound that sweet!  Top was likewise so cool.  That big rapping voice suits Top’s looks and somehow adds beautiful contrast to his somewhat reserved personality.  The musical arrangement of his song 아무렇지 않은 척 (Amuroji Anun Chok) reminds me of black rap.  Hearing him ocasionally performing in solo is a pleasure but surely with him rapping for Big Bang gives more impact to the group’s song.

I love the musical arrangements in this album… the more that I wanted to see how they performed. Knowing Big Bang there must be a lot of choreography.  바보 (Pabo – translated as ‘Fool’) was surprisingly cool.  The song is upbeat with hint of acid jazz fused with rap/hiphop.  This song doesn’t sound boy bandish. Reminds me of 70s dance music.

I am giving this album 5 earphones for its listenability (hahaha i am coining a new term for something worth listening from start til end).  곳노래 부르고 싶은 기분이에요. 빅뱅 축하해요!

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