Filled with Seoul

It’s been a day since I arrived from my 5-day vacation from Seoul, South Korea.  My mind is still filled with good things about Seoul.  My curiousity has been answered but I still want to go back…I am going back. 

Somethings that I was able to personally validate are:

  • The 아주마 (ajumas – old women/aunties fondly translated in English)  do have the same distinct look.  The permed hair, color coordinated tops (usually long sleeves) and pants, the seemingly tatooed eye brows and the golf cap.  They are everywhere. Spot the ajuma in this pic:

  • It’s okay to have couple’s outfit and stuff (exactly the same outfit and paired stuff like cellphone accessories, bag etc).  While we were in Seoul Tower, I have noticed a couple wearing the same pants, rubber shoes and shirt — and then I started noticing the other pairs who are coordinated.  When we are waiting for our flight back to Manila, there were at least 12 couples whom I suppose are going on honeymoon in the Philippines wearing couple’s outfit.  They will surely not miss their partner in a big crowd.
  • They are generous with their side dishes, they have a minimum of four and will replenish when requested or if they notice a dish is depleting.  Check this out.

  • They stroll in fashion.  It doesn’t matter if it’s uphill or just a market place.  I have not seen people from my country wearing coat and tie while strolling in a park.  I guess people in Seoul are just too fashionable. 

  • There are indeed very few who can speak English straight, they are eager to help but will end up leaving you, helpless when explaining.

I can still imagine the morning air and bright nights in Seoul. 

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  1. betchay Said:

    There are only a few Koreans who could speak English but you’ll be surprised with how well they handle English grammar, it’s as if they’ve memorized the rules their whole lives 😀

    In Korea, appearance is very important. It’s a status symbol, the better you dress, the better people think of you.

    Glad to know you had a great time in Seoul. I also had two visitors last week and I brought them to some filming locations. You can read it at

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