Walk of My Life

Today I probably walked the most kilometers in my whole life.  I am in Seoul, South Korea and decided to look for Orange Shock. The record label handling Wheesung (휘성) — the best R&B singer in Korea that I ever known. 

We only have the address of the company which is at Nonhyeondong.  With just the Seoul’s map in our hands we braved the subway and went on our way searching for the office.  We end up alighting from Nonhyeon station only to find out that we need to walk for a supposedly 14 minutes BUT we end up walking for like an hour.  We are able to find the place which is actually near Shinsa station than Nonhyeon.  I was happy being able to find it but unfortunately it was some sort of a private building and Wheesung is not there.

The consolation is being able to practice my limited Korean with an ajusshi.  Spoke some korean phrases like Wheesungsshi chua-haeyo (I like Wheesung).  The old man cannot speak English so it was a sign language and a trying hard hangukmal conversation.

On our way back to the hotel I think my shoe size has increased an inch.  My feet are too swollen.  I walked this far to see Orange Shock and hopefully see Wheesung.  It was a memorable experience.  I have enjoyed Seoul so much eating kimchi whenever dining in a Korean 식당 (shiktang–restaurant).  Tomorrow is our last whole day in Seoul we will probably try eating on a restaurant without chairs, check all the gates and palace in Seoul and most importantly…check the Seoul Tower and cruise at the Han River.


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