They Kiss Again – Halfway

I have been constantly visiting mysoju for the timely post of They Kiss Again episodes (the sequel to It Started with a Kiss).  So far they are now staring with episode 17.  My last visit showed a preview of what will happen to episode 17.


Episode 16 was all about Zhishu’s return from military service.  It features one of the cutest scenes between Xiangqin and Zhishu where he showed how much he misses Xiangqin.  Zhishu is a different guy now too far from the very very cold one.  It is in this episode where his hair is featured this way:

I never thought that Joe Cheng could actually look good in short spiked hair.  I have watched ISWAK and I thought that long hair fits his chinese-godly look.  He looks naughty in spiked hair, maybe they had to do this hair style to highlight his entry to the military. 

I am not sure how long this drama will run but its already at episode 17… ISWAK if I may recall had 30 episodes so this drama is already more than halfway if it will follow the same pacing as ISWAK.  I am sure a few weeks from the last episode DVDs of the drama will soon be available in the market and I will surely be the first to grab one.  I wanted to watch continuously just like what I did with ISWAK.  MySoju is actually fast in uploading episodes but the problem is some parts are broken.   Nevertheless, by May this drama could be celebrating its success and I could be celebrating that I got my DVD copy.


  1. chuck Said:

    ISWAK only had 20 episodes but in its dvd format, it was made to 30.

    They Kiss Again will also have 20 episodes. The final episode will be aired on April 27, 2008.

  2. may ann Said:

    are thay going to film iswak3? cause im done watching iswak2 and its very beautiful!

  3. janeybei Said:

    thanks for dropping by… I don’t know if they will be filming a part 3 of this drama but looks like they will judging by the ending.

    • xiao eL Said:

      i h0pe too ISWAK3 will c0me……..

  4. cheng Said:

    oh my gosh! joe cheng’s hair is so short !! wah!!

  5. krishia Said:

    ohhh…. how i wish that there would be iswak 3……….. ;-(

  6. anne Said:

    i really love his new looks…….ASTIG!!!!!!!

  7. caren Said:

    gnda pic nyo the best

  8. i reaLLY like and love this guy!!
    cute nya!!mMmmM… yUmmY!!
    hehehe…. nice movie!!

  9. i really like and love this guy!!!
    ang cute moh!!!….yUmmy ka!!hehe
    nice movie!!… kakaloka!!ganda!!hehe…

  10. mary jane Said:

    i love they kiss again !!!!!!!
    i hope this will super kilig always!!!
    i love jenny nad michael!!!

  11. decerey Said:

    i really like iswak 2!!!!
    i wish there will be iswak 3!!!!!

  12. isabel Said:

    …wow cute nman ng guy..,, ganda ng istory naka2kilig

  13. khai Said:

    gosh..really like his style..specially when he smile.. grabeh..

  14. arlynne593 Said:

    i hope there would be iswak 3.. the ending is like it lacking..hehehhehe so they must have iswak3..heheheehhe

  15. john michael Said:

    ang cute nila sana ganyan palagi sila kasi bagay na bagay kasi sila eh?????????????ahm sana habambuhay na kayo ganyan kasi marami ang inyong napasayang tao sa buong mundo??????????????i hope that u are the best korean novila in whole of the asia country….

  16. ritz n@ Said:

    w peNGEn nONton fiLM tHey kiss agaIN laGi loe…..
    piE saYAng buNGEt gaX d pUTERin laGI d tv
    bisa gax diPUTerin LAgi???????

    pLIz w mOHon…………..

    w TUnggU yae…!!!
    jaNGAn saMPe gaX key….

  17. Whienda Said:

    GilLa. . .
    W fans brat ma JOE CHENG,,
    i luph u zo much,,
    lo kren bged JOE CHENG,,
    w pgend bged ntund pilm qmu agy,
    ph agy they kisS again,,
    sumpah kyend bged,
    luph u zo much….

  18. jazmae Said:

    i think the title if the 3 rd part is it ends with a kiss not the last kiss………

  19. charlene Said:

    ….i love ur movies…’

    ,, the best…

  20. sandrar Said:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  21. ci manezz Said:

    oohh …. my god!!!

  22. keith Said:

    cute po nla dlawa……..bgay xla

    • KAWAII Said:


      cute nga sila panoorin noh???!!!

      pero sayang di na cla….hmmm

      nakakapanghinayang naman

  23. daniela Said:

    te ves entero lindo en esa foto hariai terrible bonitapareja con ariel lin en realidad en serio solo que aqui en chile ariel es nombre de hombre pero bueno da lo mismo

  24. KAWAII Said:

    joe Cheng is really cute!!

    when will Iswak 3 be on air???

    will it be this year??

    hope i will see it soon…cant wait.


  25. fhaigen Said:

    i really really really like this movie.. kahit ilang bese q nang pinAnuod, i love joe cheng and ariel lin,… i hope there will be a part 3,.. i cant wait………………………………………..i love arjoe

  26. fhaigen Said:

    and sana palabasin ulit sa abs-cbn,,,, i always watch this movie, its so kakilig,….!!:)

  27. Roz Said:

    I have watched iswak 2 again and again >0<
    I love this film waahhhh 😡 :-*

    by the way, where I can download iswak3? Is it already on air?
    2 years ago, it was said that they were filming iswak3 , but now 2011, why I still can't watch it?
    T T
    huks….. cant wait any longer ~,,,,~

  28. renalyn Said:

    i like you ariel lin and joe cheng everyday i watch your show in television ^_^ ♥
    im from philippines and i like to watch your all show like started with a kiss 1 and 2
    i wish that started with a kiss has 3 🙂

  29. Jayson Cerrick Damasco Said:

    ang ganda ng iswak,tka astig sana ulit,or may part 3

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