32 Wishes

Given the chance to make a wish equivalent to the number of years being celebrated:

  1. Healthy Kids and  Oppa
  2. Financial Freedom
  3. Slimmer Me
  4. Sick-free 어머니 and 아버지
  5. Happy 운니
  6. Safe and Trouble Free 오빠
  7. Successful 동생
  8. Career growth
  9. Matured Oppa
  10. Accident free driving
  11. Good friends
  12. No more resignation
  13. 애기 to speak normally
  14. Support from collegues
  15. Improved neighbor
  16. Reduction of red tape in the government
  17. Prosperous SMART
  18. Good food
  19. More Travel (foreign please)
  20. Winning in Lotto
  21. 답장 from 진명
  22. Happy Trip to Korea
  23. Launch of CRM
  24. Nice appraisal
  25. Bettter traffic  in the metro
  26. Hope to those who are in the brink of losing it
  27. Lost of food craving
  28. New mobile phone
  29. A surprise call from an old friend
  30. Launch myVanillaPrint
  31. WORLD PEACE <the showbiz in me>
  32. Give another wish to make the 1-31 wishes come true

Do you have any wish on your mind?

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