Visiting Singapore

After almost two years I am back to Singapore thanks to the 2nd Annual OSS BSS Summit and SMART, I am able to see this small but wonderful country once more.  I arrived in Singapore March 26 for a 2-day seminar to be held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.  Changi Airport still looks familiar to me.  The same cleanliness and 1st class airport service.

The Hotel is just at the corner of Havelock Road and Zion.  Copthorne Waterfront was fantastic, the security is awesome.  Visitors could not easily enter the premise as the elevator requires an access card (the room key) to be able to select the desired floor.  The room was so cozy and I specifically like the bathroom.  Its everything that I want in a bathroom, the glass shower makes it so classy not to mention the bath tub.

This is my first time to attend an international conference and its worth it.  Listening to those experienced leaders in their respective companies and countries are once in a lifetime opportunity.  Overall the seminar is good there were some boring parts where you could say 100% that the speaker is almost like selling their product but nevertheless their presentations give you an idea on how systems should be designed.

I met some old collegues who are happily working in Singapore.  Who will not love this country, its highly advance, clean and organized.  The transportation system in fantastic minus the ‘smell’ from the MRT trains but overall its really a pleasure staying in this country.  I will surely miss eating noodles from hawkers.

marches’ restaurant

my first pro shot

This time I did not missed checking Sentosa, the first time I visited Singapore I failed to see this main attraction.  It was way to convenient to visit this tourist spot and having a cable car ride to reach the place is a good start.  Now there is the Singapore Flyer.  I actually rejected the vendor’s offer to see this new attraction which is like a giant ferris wheel slowly moving around in circle while serving you some snacks.  I got to practice using my first DSLR camera which I bought from Funan.  It was a good buy and the images produced are rich and vibrant. 


images of singapore

Tomorrow I will be going back to my dear country.  I will surely miss this place but I know its easy to be back anyway 🙂

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