Finally 답장 (a Reply)

After a month from getting email from 친구, finally I got 답장.  진명씨 is back in Korea.  He kept on asking for apologies for not writing soon but it’s okay.  What is important is he is back and I can write to him the usual.

He told me he has been travelling in Australia for the 3 months and it was difficult for him to get access to the internet.  Given the chance it was all for informing his family on his whereabouts.

Now I think its going to be more exciting to visit Korea this April. He promised to tour me around Seoul and I am really expecting it 🙂  Its really nice to know that he is actually attempting to write to me earlier, as he mentioned he will write back immediately when he return to his hometown which is January 31.

I find it funny when he said that he really wanted to email back earlier but couldn’t do so because his friends won’t let go of him. Well since I am really a second hand friend, I really wouldn’t mind. I am just too happy to regain contact with a friend.  I have been waiting for this reply since January 31.  I almost turned 바보 checking my mailbox every now and then.  Too many questions to ask but I had to reserve them as I might write a novel to him and he might get nose bleeds reading too much English.


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