They Kiss Again – Sequel to ISWAK

The sequel to my all time favorite Taiwanese Drama is now airing.  Currently there are already postings in You Tube for the actual episodes being aired in Taiwan but the subbed one can be found in under dreammer90 and mySoju. Unfortunately dreammer90 slowed down in subbing They Kiss Again (TKA).  I think she stopped at Chapter 5.  Currently, mySoju is more updated since it already has chapter 7. 

They Kissed Again

I hope that TKA lives to what is expected of it.  I remember a lot of people are disappointed over the sequel to Meteor Garden 1.  So far I am enjoying each episodes of TKA.  Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin continues to have that magical chemistry.  Xiangqin is still funny and Zhishu’s character is even more loveable.   Zhishu is now a little gentler than before but could still be at times the hard hearted guy that Xianqin fell in love with.  He now gives in to some of Xiangqin’s wishes.

The drama started out high with the details of their wedding and the honeymoon which by the way is too hot for a primetime drama.   There are a lot of romantic and fun scene, i just love how the director is able to bring out and play with Zhishu’s character.

Sad to say the pure hearted Xiangqin can still act stupidly and make wrong decisions.  One of the episodes shows the adjustments that she has to undergo as married girl.  I am still excited to get the DVD of the entire drama even if I have been watching it on-line.   Similar to ISWAK i still want to review on some of the scenes that I love.

Must see scene from TKA

I am truly looking forward for the next Chapters and I bet there will be a lot more scenes to wait and see, like the scene above whew~ Joe and Ariel together is a hot item.  TKA jiayou.



  1. mecan Said:

    i hope that in my country here in the Phlilippines the TKA will also shown hoping and praying that someone will send me a TKA DVD so that i can see i wish i wish to have a dvd like that huhuhu…..

  2. aLysSa Said:

    this one is so……great and cute!!
    i really love it,,
    but for now i’m not yet finish the series, but i’m on my way to do so!!
    all i want to say is that it’s so great and lovely!
    i really really enjoy this one!
    hope you stay together guys!!!!
    and i’m hoping for a 3rd season!!
    gud luck!
    i’m from the philippines!!!!

  3. aLysSa Said:

    if you want just add my messenger id!
    here it is:
    thanks guys!

  4. everafter Said:

    the picture above where zhi shu kisses xiang qin., what episode is that?

  5. janeybei Said:

    I think its on episode 12 (I am not sure but its a toss between episode 12 or 13) . This is the part when Zhishu has to leave for military service in the country side. I also forgot the name of the province sounds like Mahti… Check it out at 🙂

  6. moonzen Said:

    Does anyone know where I can get It Started With a Kiss and They Kissed Again on dvd with English subtitles? I am finding that alot of series that I love I can’t find on dvd with eng subs.

  7. janeybei Said:

    We have a lot here in the Philippines but only for season 1. In fact I have two i wish i could send you one. They Kissed Again is still being aired in Taiwan. It is expected to end May i think. I am not too sure about it. You can watch both online via

    If you wan’t to buy the dvd of It Started with a Kiss, you can check out Yes Asia.

  8. may ann Said:

    if you want to have a dvd copy of TKA contact me here at 09193942071.gosh its so beautiful i think im going crazy!

  9. tran Said:

    oo da ppicture above is when he is going to matsu

  10. Julie Said:

    I love this series.
    I just finished watching it and it’s so cute =)
    does anyone know if there’s going to be a follow up?

  11. janeybei Said:

    I think there will be part 3… the ending of part 2 is a bit hanging unlike part 1 which could actually be very conclusive already.

  12. angie palomo Said:

    i really love this story and also joe cheng and ariel lin.. They look so cute whenever they are together. I love them.. I am an avid fan of them..
    hope there’s a 3rd season…=)

  13. Tina Said:

    hey!!! i was just wondering where on earth can i buy the dvd of they kiss again!!! i want it sooo badly please tell meeeeeee 😦

  14. christine Said:

    i hope that have a part 3

  15. christine Said:


  16. christine Said:

    my favorite taiwanese drama is it startedwith a kiss, they kiss again and love bread

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