Summer, Homecoming and Hangul Lessons

Today we are officially announcing the Team Celebration Program for our group in the company.  For the past years we have been going out of town bonding with each other over silly games and non-stop chatting.  This year, it’s going to be held in Bohol, an island in Visayas region.  We are planning to stay in Bohol Tropics on March 14-16. 

I am a little excited about this.  First, its MACOPA time once again.  This is our yearly awards for non-work related stuff like voting for who is the most friendly, always punctual, fashionista of the year etc.  The controversial nougat award is at stake — who will get the crown this year?  A lot of people were asking me why does it have to be MACOPA.  Well at that time I was thinking of fun and something to spice up our 1st out of town get together, the usual Kalabasa (Pumpkin) Award inspired me.  I just thought of MACOPA as something not known to many and it’s not so popular.  That is just it!

Second, this year we are introducing a new activity its called SPQA-ISG Beach Bod 2008.  We will be searching for the best beach bod and have fun with games as well.  I am too excited about this specially that we have a lot of new members who are very willing to join the fun.  Lastly, it’s my first time in Bohol.  I have been traveling a lot aorund the Philippines but haven’t been in this province.  I am wondering what’s up for me in this outing.

Today is January 30… this is the day before the 31st (as if this is a big secret or surprise).  Tomorrow happens to be the day that Jinmyung will be back in Korea.  I am just too anxious to know what happened to him that made him stop emailing me for the past 4 months.  I am really dying to hear from him 😀 I am also preparing to send him the news of my arrival ha~ha~ha~

I am really not expecting that he will write to me as soon as he reaches Korea on the 31st but deep inside there is little hope on it. 

I happen to receive the proposed Korean language class from UP.  Classes are held every Saturday and it only costs 2800 whew ~ i wish to attend this class but I don’t know if 남편 will allow me to 😦

This day I had mixed emotions…


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