Korea, Big Bang (빅뱅) and GD

April is 3 months away from now but I am excited each day looking forward to that trip to Korea.  My collegue-friend whom I will be going with are exchanging questions  on this planned trip.  What should I bring?  What will be our tour plan?  What should I wear.  I am just too excited about this….I am also looking forward January 31.  진명 promised to write me when he arrives in Korea. I just hope he keeps his promise. I am itching to exchange mail with him.  Moreso to tell him I am visiting Korea on April.  I earnestly hope he tours us around.

Big Bang Korea

SeungRi, GD (GDragon or JiYong), TOP, TaeYang and Daesung

Lately, i have Big Bang’s ‘Fools Only Tears’ starting up my day listening to this R&B song on my way to the office while driving.  It heats up everything before the long list of Wheesung starts to play.  I just love this song from this bunch of young guys.  They are like 5 young men blending well with each other.  I first heard of this song while watching the YG Family performs in the SBS Gayo.  Big Bang was first to sing…then I didn’t know it was Tae Yang who opened it up with his dance step and cool voice.  Then from behind comes Daesung blending with Taeyang well.  The rest of Big Bang comes in.  Since then, this song became one of my favorites.  I hate to think this is a bubblegum song for the teen–i love it.

I have watched GD over Ya Shim Man Man episode 235 (via You Tube) where Wheesung is also a guest.  GD is the lead person of the group Big Bang.  The guy is so funny and cute telling stories about his child acting stint, first girlfriend who is older than him, first kiss (happens to be the same girl) and being on a love triangle with a friend.  All the guest seem to have enjoyed listening to GD.  Wheesung even mentioned he is curious to know who his last girlfriend was.  GD mentioned they just broke up 2 years ago so that was 2005 when Wheesung is still under YG.  They were thinking the girl is also training from YG since they were on hostel during that time.  It was so funny… GD trying to say no (안이오..aniyo).    I wish I could find a complete set of this episode with English sub. ㅋㅋㅋ



  1. Hippo_1 Said:

    OMG…I wanna goo too!!!!!!!!
    Have FUN!!!!!

    • anna Said:

      OMG i love u guys
      i love u guys song so much na

  2. junjiyoon Said:

    Oh, I’m a 17 year-old Korean girl who just enjoying Internet surfing.
    Yeah, ‘Fool only tears (눈물뿐인 바보)’ was so touched that I always enjoy that. Umm… but you made a little mistake T_T
    In Korea, ‘Bigbang’ is written like this, ‘빅뱅’ ^^
    Anyway I’m so glad to visit here and come across this blog!

    +) My favorite two men are GD and TOP!! XD
    Especially, TOP is so handsome.
    Most of girls fall in love with them. (in my opinion. kkk)

  3. janeybei Said:


  4. angela Said:

    i loveee themmmm!!

  5. lie Said:


  6. angel Said:

    hi Iam 17 years old and mongolian girl they sings very nice ,thanks GD beauty ok bye

  7. mel Said:

    pls check out my dance to tae yang’s prayer


    rate and leave a comment pls

  8. Dare Yang Said:

    I very enjoin the song of fool’s only tears,lalala,my girl wild wild west and i very join with the Big Bang like G-Dragon,Tan Yang Dae-sung Victory and T.O.P

  9. Dare Yang Said:

    I;m a Fresno girl and i going to be 16 yrs old. I hope to see u guy soon if u guy are came to Fresno. Because i want to see ur concert

  10. sparka Said:

    I love big bang tooo! but im different from all the other girls that like T.O.P and Gdragon i like DAESUNG!!!!!!

  11. sparka Said:

    I love big bang tooo! but im different from all the other girls that like T.O.P and Gdragon i like DAESUNG!!!!!! BUt You shouldnt make fun of DBSK like that. >_____< i dont mind as much but then the dbsk fans out there might come across here… BUT I DO LOVE BIG BANG JUST LIKE I LIKE DBSK 🙂 GO DAESUNG AND CHANGMIN!!! hwaiting!!

  12. janey_bei Said:

    hi sparka thanks for dropping by a comment. well i don’t intend to make fun of dbsk but i am not really their fan sorry =(

  13. güLSüm Said:


  14. Wendy Said:

    Big Bang is so cool hea?
    I really like the song ‘Haru Haru’.. didn’t u?
    Hmmm.. My favorite Big Bang member is T.O.P 😉

  15. janey_bei Said:

    hello wendy thanks for dropping by. My favorite big bang member is Taeyang… but I love them all.

  16. otgoo Said:

    hello everybody it’s from mongolia mongolia like big bang i like big bang very much my faviorite member is GD but i love them all

  17. alex tissot Said:

    i lov bigbang………awesome tracks mostly d “we belong together”

  18. kim yu eak Said:

    big bang i really love your song call strong baby

  19. Yumi Said:

    T.O.P is SO cute

  20. bonvichika Said:

    i like bigbang
    i like seung ri
    i like GD

  21. choigenie Said:

    my favorite member is T.O.P!! He’s my love, my heart, my heaven <33

  22. maikou Said:

    i like almost all big bang song the one i like the best is haru haru or day by day. i think that big bang the hottest one in the big bang is g dragon because he cute and ok looking you know. i think big bang is the best k-pop i like now because almost all their songs is just about LOVE you know!
    i like the best is G DRAGON
    i like the 2 best is TOP
    i like the 3 best is TAE YANG
    will that all the person i like about bigbang?

  23. เสาวภา สิงห์สถาน Said:


  24. chenee Said:

    i love bigbang and very nice song lies and lastware well that song is very cool

  25. victory kute Said:

    I LOVE T.O.P
    Big Bang is my only love, love will forever in my heart. I love your eyes, I love your smile, I love the way you express yourself .. your smile makes me feel happy, tears you made me feel nervous .. . Never cry mild or always smiled, your smile is my belief that government. Big Bang will forever be a star …^^!

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