Korea See You Soon

Incidentally, I received JinMyung’s email as I was planning to go to Korea this April.  It started with a plan to visit Jeju through a travel package which do not require VISA.  After careful thinking,  i decided that it would be better to experience Korea by being in the mainland.

A friend in the office agreed with on this adventure,  it gets pretty more exciting seeing email from JinMyung.  Though I have not officially informed him of my plans to go to Korea this April, I kept his promise in my heart ㅋㅋㅋ.  He told me he’ll be my tour guide when I visit Korea.  It’s never gonna be better without a native friend to look forward to.  In my mind I am already strolling along the streets of Korea.  I am too excited to check this country with my own eyes.  Moreso, meet a friend whose been helping me learn the Hangul.

I was thinking will I be able to communicate in Korean?  I don’t think I have the confidence probably throw some phrases or lines but definitiely English will be my tongue for survival.   I don’t know either if 친구 would be able to confidently speak in English but I think he will be forced… I promise not to laugh at any wrong grammar and I will probably speak slowly. 

I have been day dreaming about this travel.  I am just too happy that 남편 gave his blessings on this trip. It’s probably his gift to me the whole year round.  I really don’t mind receiving gifts on Christmas and anniversary… this is enough probably even more than what I am expecting.

I am finally seeing Korea!


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