I Like 휘성 (Wheesung)

I have been looking for other Korean R&B artist so far Se7en (세븐) still tops my list.  I have listened to some of the songs of Fly to the Sky.  I specifically like Goodbye to me it sounds like Boyz II Men.

Well I feel like I found a treasure with another singer worth listening to.  His name is Wheesung.  I found him from wikipedia while looking for se7en’s profile from YG Entertainment group.  I was a amazed with the review about him.  Comparison with se7en was obviously avoided but according to the official site of YG, he is also one of the best R&B artist in Korea.  In fact his concerts are well attended. 

All these prompted me to check on his discography.  I was able to have some of his songs through a friend. His songs are just my kind of songs.  He has that husky type of voice and he sings with full feelings not to mention he is also cute.  The site mentioned that he is a good dancer, now I want to see a video of him. 

I think his songs will be the next series that I will be addicted to.  As of now there are at least two korean artists whom I can listen to their songs continuously Se7en is a given and 이지훈 (Lee JeeHoon).

Wheesung did 5 albums already so far i have songs from his first 4 album. I couldn’t wait to download songs from his 5th album which is under a different record label now.  Some of the songs that caught my ears are:

  • 7 days
  • 하나..둘…셋..넷 (1,2,3,4)
  • With Me
  • Can’t We Be

휘성 좋아해요!


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