Little Princess is 5 and Empress is 72

November 18 our little princess turns 5 while the empress turns 72.  Yesterday was a double celebration for two of the most important women in the family.  My mother in-law and daugther happen to have the same birthday.  Celebration is held in my in-laws’ house in Hagonoy.  It was good to see that the empress from my husband’s side is finally able to walk.  She was in bed for couple weeks due to fracture.

The good thing was the simple but joyous celebration but there is always a caviat to such happiness.  One of the princes who was out of country has been back without paying courtesy to the empress.  The prince has changed indeed.  He used to be so close to the family but suddenly shys away from the palace.   While his own princess graced this world last November 18, it still unreasonable to find the shortest time possible to grace the empress.  The happiness of the empress was shortlived upon knowing that the prince is back but has not paid visit.  This made the entire royalty sad and somewhat angered.  Even my own prince who is king in our own palace is saddened with what happened, even prompted to go to his sibling’s house which happens to be near our own kingdom.   This prince is ruining our weekend huh!

Good thing we had to make ourselves busy in preparation for todays celebration of the little princess in their school.   As usual she is very happy given that paper crown and the special seat for the day.  The school party turns smoothly, the kids enjoyed spaghetti, chicken, sandwich, marshmallows and hotdog balls.  I can see the happiness in my little princess, perhaps this is one of the most looked after days of her.  

Happy birthday princess marti and empress mana.


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