No Excuses – I’m on Day 12

It’s now Day 12 of my Phase 1 south beach diet.  As usual whenever I promise to write anything on line daily, i end up breaking my plan to do so.  Good thing is its my 12th day and I have not broke my promise to stick with Phase of my diet plan.  The effects, I can feel already.  After stopping from going to the gym for 3 months i began gaining what I lost and worst my pants are becoming tight not to mention my belly being too obvious under my blouses.  In fact I am not able to wear those that are fitted until I did south beach again.

The first week is indeed a struggle, I nearly had some wheat bread or brown rice at least but just the thought of putting all my efforts to waste is something unforgiveable.  Phase 1 makes me realize how lucky I am to eat wheat bread and fruits.  Just before I started I have been eating too much fast food stuff but now its all low fat and vegetables.

I may have to extend Phase 1 and probably eat wheat bread once a week.  I wanted to lose those ugly FATS!

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