No Packed Food – Day 4

Today I did not packed food.  Its my no car day so I had to rush early in the morning.  It is a little hard to buy food specially if that there are seldom who uses olive or canola oil here when cooking food. 

Breakfast – I had ham and cheese omellet from Country Style, I did not ate the bread.  I had brewed coffe as usual.  Few hours from breakfast, I had 3 packs of sugo peanuts (21 grams)

Lunch – I bought 2 sticks of barbeque from our canteen, I did not ate the fatty portion of the pork, i bought along with it beans sprout which was sauteed but I just had 2 spoons.  It was terrible.  I can cook bean sprout better than the canteen huh! Good thing I bought Pepsi Max (no sugar).  This afternoon I had 3 packs again of sugo peanuts

Dinner – I had some bean sprout stir fried in olive oil and a little sesame oil and a chicken breast fillet patty. I also had a handful of unshelled roasted peanuts and a cup of Pepsi max. 

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