Temptations in Day 3

I forgot to update for yesterday which is Day 3.  My meals are already packed which I prepared the night before.  Day 3 was full of temptation we had a lunch meeting and there was a lunch sponsor but what was served were Yello Cab Pizza.  I was like so sad… I won’t be able to eat lunch but I am hungry and we will be sitting together for the next 3 hours.  What made it more worst is the Coke it not even lite 😦 So i just scooped for ice and waited it to melt.

Breakfast – I had the usual egg omellet and 4 pcs hotdog balls.  I had brewed coffee with Equal of course.  I had 2 packs of Sugo Peanuts as am snacks.

Lunch – I had no choice but to eat half slice of the pizza (sin! sin! sin!)  so for that i just had caesar salad later in the afternoon and iced tea lite.

Dinner – I finally ate my packed lunch which is string beans adobo.  I also munched some dry roasted peanuts.

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