South Beach Again…

I have stopped going to the gym for about 3 months now and I am gaining back the weight i have lost.  I have really no time now specially that its only during lunch breaks that I am able to go to the gym.  I don’t want to make an alibi for not going to the gym so I thought of doing South Beach again to keep off the pounds.

This is my day one.  I am ot going to disclose my weight here 🙂  but will spell it in hangul neverthe less 완-나인-트리. I just wanted to keep track of what I am eating.

Breakfast – I had brewed coffee with artificial sweetner, 3 hotdog balls and 2 medium eggs scrammbled with tomatoes (fried in olive oil)

Lunch – I had mongo beans sprout in tofu (cooked in olive oil too!) and water

PM Snack – I just had roasted peanuts about 30 grams (the package says its 50 grams but i did not finish the whole serving)

Dinner – I had caesar sald (petite from Country Style) with Pepsi Max (no sugar).


I had roasted peanuts again as midnight snack.

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