Glorietta Blast – 19 October 2007

October 19, 2007 we are so busy having our team buidling activities at the Heritage Hotel.  I was not able to check my mobile phone until in the afternoon.  There were so many missed calls and unread messages.  I quickly opened each SMS everything points into asking if I was in Glorietta during lunchtime.  Something bad happened.  There was an explosion in Glorietta 2 at around 1:30 pm.  I immediately felt the rush… its a Friday and people usually go out for lunch.  God thing all my team members and the rest of the people from our Department are in the office.  However one person has not returned since 12nn. 

Jee Ann De Gracia a fellow SMARTee died in the Glorietta blast.  I know this is going to be very painful.  Someone has been taken…someone this young.  We went to her wake yesterday (October 21, 2007).  She seemed to be lying in peace not signs of pain…the sudden death did not caused her to die ungracefully.  I couldn’t help but shed tears as I hear her mother grieves.  I just learned she has been an honor student since high school… the hope of the family.

I don’t know her personally but I see her at the 22F.  Wherever you are Jee Ann I earnestly hope you are at peace.  God will see through your beloved family.

 I also hope and pray that this is just an accident and not another brutal killing or dirty plot from ‘you know WHO’.

지안이 안녕히 가세요…


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