I Pray You Meet Roger

I have known a person whom I seldom talk to but we connect well with each other.  She was like a sister to me.  I must say she has been an inspiration.  She may not be a typical pretty face but she is a beautiful soul.  It has been 9 years. 

She always see the good in everyone.  I remember how she has been an angle to my  grieving soul.  It was one of the lowest point in my career life.  I mas mad as a dog.  Her words made me feel warm inside.  Humble your self Jane — this is one of my most remembered words from her.   Made me realize how proud I am that I almost forgot to consider other people’s standard.  Then I started to be sensitive on how other people thinks and respect it as well.  

What made me look up to her is while humbling her self she even tried to love her critics.  She is always been like that.  Now wheels have turned, she is now in the same low point that I was in years ago.  I know her situation is far different from mine…. on greater level I must say.  It is sad that she is planning to leave.  How can an organization let someone as good as her go.  She is lost a BIG LOST. 

I wish she meets Roger. They will be lucky to have her. Goodluck my friend.  

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