It Started with a Kiss – Again…Again…Again

I have several DVDs  awaiting to be viewed but for fear of not being able to finish watching them before Monday, i had to control urge to watch dramas.  I ended up doing a rewind of It Started With A Kiss.  The second Meteor Garden in my mind.

The series never fails to make me laugh.  The chemistry between Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng is so good that they make a spark whenever there are scenes where both of them are present.   I really like how snubbish Joe looks… the serious look in his face and the controlled smile.  His overall projection in the series compliments how silly Ariel looks.

This series is so funny and nice that I was inspired to do a review of it despite just reading the sub for understanding. 

I viewed again episodes 5 to 9 which is mostly the time when Acai and Xiangqin had to live with the Jiang Family when earthquake destroyed their house.  The close encounters of the two will surely tingle your heart or make you laugh.  Zhishu was always teasing Xiangqin of kissing her or act as if making out with her but the latter always end up as a willing victim.  The funniest of which is when Xiangqin tries to steal his math notes to get answers on her assignment.   She has to admit she really likes Zhishu but is not ready for a passionate encounter with him (she denied in front of the family that she wrote a letter to him and that she likes him).   She felt so embarassed that Zhishu was just teasing her when they accidentally fell on his bed (Xiangqin is night blind).  The scene afterwards is so cute as if Zhishu is trying to offer peace with her by setting up toys  (with his math notebook in the center) in the dinner table just  in time when Xiangqin went down.

The after graduation scene is worth watching again.  This is where the 1st official kiss happened.  The kiss that silenced Xiangqin.   What made it special is the shot… as if the world stopped for few seconds and of course the song…it was the OST ‘Meet’ i think.  The best kissing scene in the series in my opinion.

The drama progressed well after the first intentional kiss.  One of the unforgettable scenes after that was when she accompanied Zhishu in taking the entrance exams to Taiwan University.  She fainted due to the pain in her stomach.  Zhishu had to carry her to the nearest hospital.  He looks so worried. 

One of the mushy scene was when he has to carry Xiangqin on his back when she injured herself in the tennis match with their Tennis Senior (Hangsao) and Ziyi.  Only shows that Zhishu has started to care.  

Of course I did not miss watching the stolen kiss.  The part where Yushu was hospitalized while only Xiangqin and him is left at home.  There were two realizations in that scene.  First is that, Yushu afterall does not really hate Xiangqin. Second is that Zhishu has secretly fallen in-love with Xiangqin and the latter is still clueless about it.

I had to end viewing the series with a very happy note so i skipped and watched the episode where Zhishu seeked for Xiangqin after he mindlessly dated Luihan (the grand daughter of the White President).  I think its the height of the series… the wedding is just an icing to the cake.

After having an ISWAK rewind…. listening to the OST is the obvious.  LSS

遇到 Meet   你身上專屬的陌生味道是我確認你存在的目標不用來回張望來知道竟是我們相隔著一個街角 Ni shen shang zhuan shu de mo sheng wei daoShi wo que ren ni cun zai de mu biaoBu yong lai hui zhang wang lai zhi daoJing shi wo men xiang ge zhe li ge jie jiao 這麼久了,我還是可以看到感覺你到底對我多重要不會被天黑天亮打擾每一次的溫柔我都想炫耀 Zhe me jiu le wo hai shi ke yi kan daoGan jue i dao di dui wo duo zhong yaoBu hui bei tian hei tian liang da raoNi mei yi ci de wen rou wo dou xiang xuan yao 我們繞了這麼一圈才遇到我比誰都更明白你的重要這麼久了我就決定了決定了你的手我握了不會放掉 Wo men rao le yi quan cai yu daoWo bi shui dou geng ming bai ni de zhong yaoZhe me jiu le wo jiu jue ding leJue ding le ni de shou wo wo le bu hui fang diao  我們繞了這麼一圈才遇到我答應自己不再庸人自擾为我有的我自己知道只要你的肩膀永遠讓我靠  Wo men rao le yi quan cai yu daoWo da ying zhi ji bu zai yong ren zi raoYing wei Wo you de wo zi ji zhi daoZhi yao ni de jian bang yong yuan rang wo kao


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