Return of the Remakes

For the longest time local channels are battling over ‘reality based’ programs.  If I may recall GMA-7’s Extra! Extra! hosted by Paolo Bediones and Miriam Quiambao started it all when they tried playing a role of certain characters far from who they are.  I remember Paolo playing the role of a taong grasa (colloquial for dirty man on streets).  They hit the mass tv viewers when they did this. The next thing that happened is the unprecedented rise of the reality-based shows.   

Along with the success of reality based shows, Korean drama likewise invaded Pinoy television.   There was a period when the two giant networks in the Philippines (ABS CBN and GMA) had a regular slot for a Korean Drama on their primetime line up.  Some of the most successful Korean Dramas were Lovers in Paris, Full House, Stairways to Heaven, Love Letters – Winter Sonata, the phenomenal hit Pricess Hours and a lot more.

Now it seems that great movies, dramas and komiks hits are making a comeback via TV.  Darna just made GMA-7 and Angel Locsin equally brighter.  This I think also triggered ABS CBN to create a TV version of Panday (which was unfortunately not as highly successful as it was expected to be).  Pedro Penduko on the other hand was a big hit of ABS CBN during Saturdays.  It also paved the way for Matt Evans’ stardom.  Entering the drama arena is the remake of ‘Pati ba Pintig ng Puso’ by GMA-7 and Natutulog ba ang Diyos by ABS CBN -2.  Both dramas were great movie success.  Some dramas seem to be a remake of  successful  drama series in the 80s such as

  • Maria Flordeluna  and Mga Mata ni Anghelita – inspired by the Julie Vega and Janice De Belen dramas
  • Mga Munting Angel sa Langit – reminiscent of the Yagit Days

These could mean two things.  First, Pinoys still love these timeless works of art.  Second, the TV industry is probably formulating new storylines or program and is taking advantage of the waves that remakes are creating.   I am personally enjoying some of it, the classic storylines are still worth watching.  I had to witness how Lavina delivered the famous Cherry Gil line and the wine splashed to Dorina’s face.  

The TV industry should be cautious in creating remakes of these timeless classics.  While it is evident that Filipinos are hooked to these dramas and fantaseryes, pinoy tv viewiers are still discriminating.  They would still observe on performances of the artists, unravelling of story and the production design.  You can’t go far beyond the story in putting additional twist or create a pure copy cat.  Relevance from current settings and picking the right artists are some of the key ingredients.  It such a pity when these movies and komiks classics turn into a TV flop…. in that case I simply wanted to remember them as movie blockbuster.


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