Great Traffic at Greater Fairview

This day I am scheduled to attend a birthday party of my son’s friend.  Prior to going to this party which is by the way will start at 1pm, i came from my daughter’s school to have a short discussion on her current performance in school.  I am glad to hear that Marticia has improved so much in school.  The results of their first quarter exam is also excellent.  In the 3 test areas she got perfect score in Culture and Arts and for the two others (Math and Language) she almost got a perfect score — only one wrong answer.  This is still very good for someone who is just 4 years old.

I went to the party along with a college friend.  We left our old place in Sta. Mesa few minutes before 2pm thinking its a Saturday, traffic will be easy.  We did not bother texting our friend to surprise her but we were the one who were surprised with our travel time.  It took us 4 long hours to reach the house situated in the boundary of Quezon City and Caloocan.  Yes, we arrived at 6pm.  We had dinner in their house instead of the usual party merienda.   This is one of the worst traffic scenarios I have been in.  I could have rotten in my seat had I went there alone.

Traffic in our country really sucks!  Malolos is farther than that place but with the travel time I had, I could have made 2 full roundtrips from Quezon City to Malolos and vice versa.   As we are about to arrive in the place there was this arc GREATER FAIRVIEW, my friend jokingly said their place is probably LESSER FAIRVIEW.  I could not help but laugh.  Times as bad as that… a good and sensible friend balances the situation.

Perhaps it will take some time before I go back to that place.  It was a traumatic driving experience. 


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