Rain + Flood = Scared Me

It’s been raining hard since Tuesday.   The country needed rain because of the drought, farmers badly need water for their crops.  The church even made a special prayers for the rain.  God must have heard all these pleas.  It rained so hard that flood is the next thing that will happen. 

I was not able to report for work yesterday because of the flood on my way to the office.  This morning, i thought the flood has subsided because its no longer raining that hard.  Unfortunately the flood near the toll gate is still above gutter.  This is really scary.  Last month I experienced flash flood in Quezon City.  I must have called all the Saints.  I don’t know what to do if my car suddenly stops… I hate the thought of my car getting towed huhuhuhu.

It’s good to have rains.  It will help the farmers and will also help storing water in the dams but the flood is a totally different story.  Rain is normally followed by flood here so am I bad to hate rain?


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