PBB and One Sad Reality

I got the chance to watch Pinoy Big Bropther last Tuesday and I find my self rushing home to watch it at least until yesterday.  I am not really a big fan of reality TV shows, I am able to watch this show once in a while not enough to pin me down the couch.  What caught my attention is the supposedly ‘real’ attitude that one of the remaining housemate is showing on national TV.  I learned that she was voted out by the two toher girls (Bea and Geean) and this made her feel so bad.  She really took it personally and told them they were ‘plastic’ (not showing their true attitude and playing safe to be in the Big 4 — from which the grand winner will be taken.

After the supposed fake nomination (they did not know that its really the people who will be selecting the last 4 housemates), Wendy, the agitated girl started acting up.  She was really terrible accusing the two of playing safe and trying to be nice to her but actually they were jealous of her.  What made her think this way?  She and one of the guys named Bruce are having a romantic fling.  She thinks that the two other girls are jealous because she thinks that they loveteam inside the house is a hit outside.  WHAAAAT!  This girl has too much air on her head.  Well I think by nature, Filipinos still wants to see good and acceptable values on what they see.  How could she think that their loveteam is well accepted or a hit when infact the guy she is supposedly having a romantic relationship is in a actually relationship when he entered the house.  He broke with her on national TV. Yuck!

The night when Wendy was so upset, she was drunk.  She was crying and cursing her father.  She keep on mentioning the 1M.  She was totally out of her mind.  Even if she felt that her mom and dad never loved her… it was too much to say that she wished her dad dead?!

There were also several instances when she keeps on ranting to the two girls.  Well its true that what she joined is a reality tv show and her reality is a sad truth on how she has grown.

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