Few months ago I was going go-go and ga-ga over Lee Jee Hoon (the second guy from the drama ‘Wonderful Life’).   For 2 straight months I was playing his Trinity Album songs in my laptop while working, driving and even on my MP3 player.  I couldn’t seem to get enough of him.   

I think I have symptoms of addiction to se7en now.  After getting hold of his 24/7 album which is so cool, i was able to get Mp3s of his other songs from his various albums (Passion, Style, 1st of Se7en, Must Listen etc).  I may run out of cash if I had to buy those albums and maybe have problems getting the old ones. But listening to the songs made me go back to studying Hangul which I temporary set aside given the tremendous work that I need to focus on the past months.

My sister who is Marketing Manager for local clothing company is hunting for a model.  They prefer getting rights to use picture of an international star.  Se7en immediately entered my mind… I think he is such a potential hit here in the Philippines.  His genre matches the target market of the product.  I wish they will get him even before the Prince Hours (Goong S) is shown here.

In his 24/7 album there is a Chinese version of ‘Wajuo’ (Comeback 2).  The song is entitled Chixie (thanks to my chinese friend) which is not necessarily ‘Comeback’.  I find the Chinese version cute than the Korean version but that doesn’t mean I don’t like that version.  The way Se7en sings each line is so cute… the accent is probably weird to a native Mandarin speaker but it makes the song even lovelier.    I also like track 16 which I am not sure if I have romanized the title well but it goes something like ‘Ko Namjocharam’.  The song is mesmerizing and soothing to my ears.   You will also feel like dancing listening toNan Arayo (I Know) and Oh No.

How can you resist watching and listening to Se7en? I don’t fully understand the songs but similar to how I loved the melody and rhythm of Lee Jee Hoon’s songs… I am also in love with Se7en’s R&B renditions.  This I must say is Se7enism.


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