Shoes…Shoes…and my Korean Shoes

Eversince I was a kid, shoes is one of the girl essentials that I am so interested with.  I remember wearing heeled sandals and slip on when I was in Grade III which I got from a cousin in Clark (nevermind the period… US Base still exists during that time).  Until i turned high school, buying shoes along with my mother is a big event for me.  We could spend the whole day looking around for a pair that will look pretty on my feet.   Because we are not rich (and my mom is really very practical), I usually have a pair of black shoes for school, pair for going out and one pair of rubber shoes.  When i got into college i was able to secure a part time job.  This gave me the chance to buy extra pair of shoes that I like.  I was no longer restricted from SM Parisian shoes or those that you typically find in Recto. I became a bit conscious of the brand and somehow felt that my taste improved.  It’s probably true that there is an Imelda Marcos in every girl (and I admit I am one of them).

Several months after landing on my first job, i was addicted to shoes. Every payday, buying a new pair of shoes is a must.  So by the time that I got my credit cards, I swiped my way to get the shoes that I want.  I was actually ‘shoeing’ beyond my means.  My collection may not be designer shoes but I could spend 4,000.00 pesos for a pair when I was just earning 11,000 a month (which is gross by the way).

My love for shoes never faded.  It’s been years, I could no longer spend that much for a pair.  There are other expenses that are more important but I still dream (and drool — sorry for the term) on nice pair of shoes.  Now, I wanted to wear not just Naturalizer or Nine West but to own designer shoes whew!

I don’t know if the Marikina Shoe business will be happy with the entry of Korean Shoes all over the market and tiangge but I am such an addict to it the designs are cute and lovely.  Most of all it fits me well.  This is one big problem that I have when I gained so much weight my feet followed and its hard to buy a nice pair that will not hurt that bad not to mention post pregnancy led to size 9 for me (few brands offer this size).  In a month I bought 8 pairs of Korean shoes… MNJ, YS etc.  and the total cost is just half the price of my Dexter loafers. 

My most favorite is the my pair with velvet material and ribbed ribbon on top.  My feet looks slim with it.  Compared to a local shoes it is 6 months old and i have been using it almost 3x a week.    It so comfortable and cute… so in the 8 pairs that I bought last month, I included the same style and picked 2 colors (black my original pair and tan).  I remember buying a Parisian shoes in SM which I happen to like the style, in less than a month its already worn out. 

Its fast becoming an IN thing for women regardless of age, why? 

  • There are various styles to choose from depending on what you feel like wearing. You can surely find a pair that is cute, chic, elegant or even a bold one.  
  • The materials used in every pair is quite interesting some fabrics have prints, some are soft and the texture varies.  Its like having different personalities when you wear one.
  • Almost all the pairs I bought are very comfortable.  No more sored feet. 
  • On top of all, I think every pair is value for money.  The cost ranges from Php 170 to 300 and it lasts more than 6 months (based on my experience).  Compared to some local brands (sorry!) these shoes are far better if you have to consider price, durability and style.

I am so in-love with my Korean shoes.  I temporarily stopped dreaming of getting designer shoes because of it. Now my only problem is space and storage…



  1. magick Said:

    HI Girl! Where do you exactly find Korean shoes? 🙂 e-mail me, ayt?

  2. Lennie Said:

    Hi girl, what shoe brand is very popular, stylish and feminine design from Korea? Do you know Vincci from Malaysia? I like this and am looking for similar concept from Korea, and affordable price is the main condition.

  3. deidre Said:

    hi sweetie,
    any particular korean brands you talking about? i recently came across some shoes claimed to be from korea and they are awsome! i wish i can start a shoe business!!! haha..pls let me know if you know the labels or brands of these korean shoes.


  4. Dorothy Said:

    When a Korean shoe is size 240, what size is that for Canadians? Mens shoes I mean

  5. che Said:


    girl i’v ebeen looking fo a s supplier of korean shoes, true, they’re hot and a lot cheaper with other shoes around.. hope you can help me out!

    thanks ahead and more power!

  6. MINDY Said:

    Hi there! where can i buy korean shoes? 😉

  7. ced Said:

    where can i found korean shoes ? =D


  8. hi guys, this shop sells fabulous Korean shoes..check out the site!

  9. Robin Said:

    I used to buy Korean shoes at a little Korean store here in Vancouver but they closed years ago and I have not been able to find any since. Can you recomend a website that I can order them from?

  10. JESSICA Said:

    where can i buy trendy korean shoes online?

    • janey_bei Said:

      i really don’t know where have not tried. i went to Korea last year.

  11. Lily Said:

    Hi,im also looking for korean shoe brand which is very popular, stylish and feminine design ? i might start a shoes business. Pls email me. Thanks

  12. eliza Said:

    Are these korean shoes same as you see in multiply?

  13. Katherine Said:


    I’m about to open an online boutique selling Korean shoes. At this moment, I only have few Korean shoes available for sale.

    Please click the link to view the shoes –>

    If you need other colors or other size, I can order that for you, but only on selected styles. Please contact me at if you like to know more information or if you’re interested to buy. I accept PayPal as payment method.


  14. Pu Said:

    Hello, i’m really interested in your shoes. How can i contact to you? i need to know more details. Please reply me back..

    • janey_bei Said:

      oh they are my personal shoes, i bought them when i was there i am not selling it =) sorry

    • Katalina Shoppe Said:

      Hi Pu,

      Did you send this message to me about your interest in my Korean shoes? If you do, you can contact me via email at

  15. kenny Said:

    go to

    u can get all the fabolous korean shoes from there.

    i shop there all the time

    • Che Said:

      I cannot understand the I click for english version but nothing happens. How can i shop there? I cannot even browse the site…

  16. grace sy Said:

    hello,kenny. just want to know where can i buy korean shoes? god bless

  17. MICHYE Said:

    im also very much interested with Korean shoes.Please send me some links where i can shop online trendy but cheap korean shoes.
    Many thanks!

  18. jorie Said:

    where do you buy korean shoes??
    please please e-mail me ♥

  19. Janissa Said:

    Hi. Where do you buy your Korean shoes? Please please help us. 😉 thanks

  20. raine Said:

    …talking about shoes, well i can see you like TaeYang too =D & im just trying too figure out what is the brand of sneakers he is wearing in this:

    thanks for any response regarding on this =D

    • janey_bei Said:

      sorry i don’t know either… its probably a local brand in Korea designed for them. They used to endorse Fila but this one doesn’t seem to look like Fila.

  21. taz Said:

    hi… where do u buy your korean shoes?i’ve been looking for affordable korean shoes for so long 😦 please help me, thanks 🙂

    • janey_bei Said:

      where do you live?

  22. love Said:

    hi there
    i really like korean and japanese brand and style as they are so cute
    and most of the tym m shopping online but now i have seen so many nice boots but i can’t find the website
    can plz email me the link where i can find cheap and cut boots
    thnk you

  23. QQGirl Said:

    Omg! I really want to know where to find like cheap or wholsale korean shoes! Help me out? ❤

  24. Samsammi Said:

    Have you heard of a brand called Saaiu (which is on the tongue of the shoe and DZU on the inside. I bought them from a thrift store and wonder if they have any value.

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