Just yesterday, I was able to get the titles and artists of the Korean OST compilation that I got from a friend.  Surprisingly, 3 songs from the said compilation was sung by Se7en (i am still having a hard time typing his name, getting used to replacing v with 7). 

  • 그리움도 안 되겠죠 (Gureeomdo An Dwegessjyo) <my poor attempt to romanize>
  • Munshin
  • Comeback to Me

I already had the impression that the same artist sang these songs.  What amazed me is that the artist was Se7en.  I know he sings and dance but after seeing Goong S, with his soft voice, I never thought that he is that cool when it comes to performing.  The R&B style suits him… i think he is like Justin Timberlake of Korea or potentially of Asia.  Some of his dance moves are noticeably like Usher (his signature pose — handstand happens to be the same with that of Usher)

He is definitely not one HAM artist (in the industry this pertains to someone who is trying hard or half baked).  Even if Goong S ratings were not as impressive as that of Goong but I think Se7en did his part well.  This guy is a both a pretty face and a talent.  I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the songs he have.   He is now like Lee Jee Hoon to me, an addition to my favorite Korean artist. 

Go Se7en… i hope you’ll be able to break into US (and speak English).  Aja!



  1. suzu Said:

    u guyz rock

  2. Heloisa Almieda Kriewall Said:

    Amooo muitoo ele ~ *-* ❤

  3. pin Said:


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