Elections Postpartum

It’s been two days since the election and tri-media are all for the canvassing updates and election sidelights.  As of this day most of the local election results are just waiting for finalization from the Commission on Elections.  About 85% of the candidates lost due to cheating while some 15% have whole heartedly concede (still small percentage of this 15% concede and accept that they were cheated).

Clean and honest election is a dream for my dear poor little country.  Eversince I started to understand what election is, I also started to understand that its betterhalf is cheating.  You can’t really blame anyone… the integrity and credibility of the Commission is slowly deteriorating over the years, the height of which is the last Presidential Elections with the ‘Hello Garci’ scandal.   Not to mention the increase in the number of power hungry (money hungry) Filipinos over the years where politics is their place to be.  

In Batangas, one of the schools has been set on fire.  A teacher died fulfilling her role as election chairman.  There is no need to guess who is behind such desparate move…loser’s act.

In Navotas, just as the canvassing is nearing its end, supporters of the 2nd in line mayoralty candidate are already protesting the canvassing results.  They claimed teachers allowed themselves to be used and that it is impossible for their candidate to get a zero vote from some precints.

These are just preview to something bigger.  I will bet that the senatorial race will have similar stories in the next few days.  There will be protests, cheaters, supposedly winners etc.  It will come in different forms and sizes.  It will evetually make you want to puke. 

This nation needs cleansing badly, no matter how hard you try to change the process, the owners are not serious enough in following .  Everyone has their own vested interest, it could have been great if this interest is for the good of this thriving nation but unfortunately this is not the case.  The sad truth is people think and are also trying to make others think that they care for this nation.


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