2007 Election Bruhaha

This week is the last week (until tomorrow) for aspiring local, congressional and senatorial candidates to campaign.  May 14 is D-Day for these hopeFOOLs.  People have different reactions to the incoming election.  Some are tired of the dirty politics that has long been preavailing in my poor country, some treat it as an opportunity make money and some kept themselves mum (maybe they are like those who are tired of it but will not waste time to think about it).

I never stopped dreaming that one day my dear country will be as prosperous, peaceful and orderly as our neighboring asian countries.  I just hope this happens before my dawn comes.  But for now I’ll just have to accept being sick (in mind) with all the circus and dramas happening related to elections.

When campaign period starts, at least for the senatorial position, novelty songs and commercials were such a hit.  Good thing for these media companies and song rights owner but to someone like me who has been nailed to work harder than ever to keep on living decently, should bear seeing or hearing these antics.   Here are my top bullemia causing campaigns in no particular order:

  1. Itanim sa Senado Pichay (Plant Pichay in the Senate) – this guy is full of sincerity. Someone who pushes for the abolition of Senate is actually running to be part of it. Have you seen how he played in his very own paid commercial?  If he was a product…he is something that you will not buy.  You can consider him a non-essential, something you can live without or ‘low value for money’ product… there are other choices anyway.
  2. Buti na lang may TITO akong maasahan (fortunately I have an uncle whom i can rely on to) –  What’s with this commercial? The concept is so cheap.  Just because your named Tito (uncle in English), does your campaign have to make use of it? I don’t think he is able to build that image over the years.  He spent the last few years of his term as Senator ruining his own image rather than being known as a senator with notable projects. No wonder he has sorted to such crap. My Tito duh?!
  3. Sasakyan kita version 1 by Manny Villar (Go with your Flow –but translating this literally, i don’t think the meaning will be the same).  This competes with Bubble Gang. The arms up and down dance step was so famous that it can actually make the former Senate President the best comedy actor in a commercial.  He still has the credibility and qualifications to become one of the 12, to look so comic is no longer necessary. The version 2 removed the most amusing part… the trivial dance step.
  4. Boom tarat tarat by Zubiri – Sure this novelty song is such a big hit in a noon time variety show but save it for the rating competition in TV.  The surname Zubiri does not rhyme with the song neither his platforms and his face.
  5. Idol or Tol? by Defensor – If there is something worth idolizing with this guy… it must be his loyalty to the President.  Such loyalty is worth idolizing? Well to run for Senate one must be loyal to the PEOPLE.

Topping everything on the list is the PROMISES in all commercials.  I almost feel like puking everytime these hopeFOOLs say they will do this they will do that.  Every pinoy like me must be tired listening to such promises.

Another thing that I hate most when election campaign is on its tail end is the traffic that its causing.  The campaign rallies and the stage in the middle of major thoroughfares will cause a sudden surge of your blood pressure.  You’ll probably die of heart attack if you attempt to listen to their empty promises while enjoying the traffic it created.

When I was young I used to think that elections is a chance for change. Change in governance, change in people’s lives for the better.  Maybe I was just slightly right,  some people’s lives change.  Successful hopeFOOLs become richer by millions and that will surely change one’s life.  There are probably a few left who is really into public service but you’ll find it difficult to assess who they are for sincerity is a deteriorating value in the politics of my dear poor country.


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