It’s All About ‘K’

Few months ago I was back doing marathon watching of Asian TV Dramas.  After the Meteor Garden saga, it’s been quite a while since watched that way again. I could finish watching a drama non-stop for two days with little breaks in-between.  It Started with a Kiss reminds me of Meteor Garden with less of the 3 other good looking guys of F4. Cinderella type of stories never fails to amuse me.  The story is very fancy but I was so hooked into it that I watched it all over again after.  Trailing as poor second on my queue of DVDs to watch is Princes Hours or Goong (literally means Palace).  This drama is just about to be shown then in a local channel dubbed in our native language.Trailer of the drama was quite interesting, now this is really more of Cinderella story.  It was interesting at the beginning, but midway I wanted to finish it one day so I was fast forwarding some of the scenes that I thought was not that vital.  I fell in love with the story it was one of the best Cinderella type of Drama I ever saw.  The scenes were amazing and the actors suited that characters they are portraying.  Suddenly I find my self going back to the scenes I skipped.  I wanted to understand further each and part of the drama even those that I initially judged to be ‘unnecessary’.  I even went to as far as watching some of the scenes again over the internet to compare on the dialogues. 

Goong has started everything.  It suddenly interests me to find out more about Korean Dramas.  Maybe I was so hopeless with the plots and storylines of local TV dramas.  Would you imagine watching a soap that has been airing for more than 2 years?  A diary that been missing for the entire duration of the drama… a diary that caused killings, hatred and been subject of a long and winding search is just found in one cabinet of a house where the protagonist has been living right from the start.  Or probably the ‘who is my mother’ formula.  

Suddenly, I am one of the K-Drama addicts out there. I have started buying DVDs of some other Korean Dramas that interests me.  Even those that were not shown in my country, I took time to watch in marathon manner.  Fireworks was one of them, it’s a gift from my younger sister.  The actors and actresses where unknown to me but the story was quite good.  Every week I am able to finish one drama and when I thought I have purchased almost all the dramas that would interest me, a copy of a Korean movie collections landed on my hands. This has fuelled my interests not just in their dramas and movies but also into their culture and language.

I know I am not the only one who seems to be like a fool for K-Pop.  I started listening to Korean music as well.  It was pure admiration of the music and arrangement as the words are unknown to me.  I can listen to Goong’s OST and Trinity (5th album of Lee Jee Hoon) over and over again in my 1 to 2 hours of driving to and from the office.  One must say I am crazy but I find joy in listening to it.  Now, this is one of the things that I am quite observant when watching a K-Drama or movie.  I try to find a way to get hold of a music file of the OSTs that I like.  This is probably 2nd degree of addiction to K-Pop. 

I am not sure if this is the ultimate degree of such addiction but recently I have been busy scribbling some words using Hangul.  Through the internet and by buying some books, I did a self study on how to read the script.  At first, it was really hard that I gave up trying to learn the language.  I thought it was foolish for me to attempt this, but one book made me understand it a little more than the other books I read.  Like the Da Vinci code, it was like trying to crack a code.  I was so happy and fulfilled having been able to read some Korean scripts, I am not so confident of my pronunciation but I made it.  Unfortunately more than being able to decode it, one must try to understand what it means.  Now I know why they say some can speak but cannot read; and some can read but could not speak.

I don’t know how long will this interest will last but one thing is for sure…this is something that I love doing.


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